RPSRTS (Rock, Paper, Scissors - the Real Time Strategy game) is a fast-paced real time strategy game enacting the age-old war between the forces of Rock Paper and Scissors


Playing the Game

You play as the RED team fighting the computer controlled BLU team. The objective is to build an army and destroy the BLU base.

Whenever rock attacks paper, paper attacks scissors or scissors attack rock, they benefit from a x2 damage bonus.

The game is controlled with the mouse. Left click to interact and pan, right click to rotate and use the scroll wheel, middle mouse or left+right mouse buttons together to zoom.


When unit production is set to green, your buildings will automatically spawn new units up to your cap while you have sufficient resources. Rocks are your tanks, they are expensive and slow but strong. They can dish out a huge amount of damage in a small time. Paper are skirmishers, they are speedy and cheap to produce. They go down quickly but can be dangerous in packs. Scissors are the infantry, they are all-rounders and do not suffer the weaknesses or gain the bonuses of the other units.


Your units will automatically man your buildings and gather resources for the war effort. Once all resources in range have been consumed, you can sell the building to recoup 50% of the construction costs.

Unit Production

Building Cost Manned By Resource Collected Supports Units
Wood shop 100 Iron Scissors Wood & Cacti 12 Paper
Rockery 100 Wood Paper Stone 3 Rocks
Smelter 100 Stone Rocks Iron 6 Scissors

Attractor Totems

Totems are instant to build, resilient to attack and can be relocated around the map by dragging. Your units will muster around your totems so use them to rally a defence or go on the offensive. Totems cost 25 resources.

Main Base

Your base is your link to the world. Loose it and it’s game over.


Additional Features

  • Procedurally generated game island, landmasses assigned utilising a particle physics favourite: the algorithm.
  • 2.5D graphics rendered through Java AWT library.
  • Rock, Paper & Scissor units. All units gain a x2 damage bonus when fighting their natural enemy.
  • Two further elite units to discover with additional devastating special attacks.
  • Particle effect system.
  • A* Path-finding.
  • High scores and statistics.

Download and Source Code

Download RPSRTS.jar

Run with:

java -jar RPSRTS.jar

RPSRTS is written in Java and is available on Github.

RPSRTS on Github