Part Pacman and part Snake, with a dash of Alien Isolation.

The Grue

The Grue is a quick to play horror game. You must try to escape from a dark and randomly generated dungeon by unlocking three key shrines scattered about the level, using only your compass and small torch to help find them.

Your hunter has a special tactic it uses to find you, a white trail left in its path which is sensitive to the slightest touch and which will alert The Grue to your exact location should you cross it.

The Grue

Download, Play and Source Code

Download TheGrue.apk (Android)

Download TheGrue.jar

Double click or run with:

java -jar TheGrue.jar

The Grue is written in Java with libGDX and is available on Github.

The Grue on Github

Credits: libGDX with Box2D, Anthousai: keys rustling, iccleste: Industrial Machine Cycle, spookymodem: Chest Opening, D W: Coins, hykenfreak: Flame Ignition, OtisJames: thud, CGEffex: Dungeon gates, Samulis: Footstep on Stone 1-4, Freenixx: Modular Moog Percussion, xDimebagx: Monster Scream Wet 1-4, Jesse McCarthy: Grue, Buch: A Blocky Dungeon and Horrific Button and Match 3, Cline Bellanger: Gold Treasure Icons, HughSpectrum: LPC Castle Lights, Textcraft, Kevin MacLeod: Inner Sanctum and Echoes of Time and Stormfront, Ben Ruijl: A*.